As one academic year draws to a close and another one looms on the horizon, parents everywhere will be thinking, ‘How can I help my child succeed and do their very best next year?’ and ‘What could I do better this time around to make sure things go more smoothly?’ Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle encouraging students to do it all: their homework, their revision – and their chores – and, at times, it definitely feels like getting blood from a stone.

Don’t worry, we hear from parents all the time who share the same concerns. You’re not alone! In fact, we always have several parents who contact us over the summer holidays to put some lessons in place to ensure their child is up to speed for the start of the new term.

Here are our 3 top tips to help your child succeed at school:

– Be organised to alleviate any pressure or worries your child might have about school work: Put a homework schedule in place; ensure their homework diary is up to date and they know what work they need to submit when; organise some tuition to help them get up to speed in any subjects where they are struggling to boost their confidence.

– Be supportive: Take an active interest in their schoolwork. For example, go and see the play that they are studying in English, or go to an art gallery to help inspire their GCSE Art coursework.

– Be a good listener: Find out what they are worrying about and if you help them resolve the problem. Or perhaps they might want some independent support to help them focus before a big exam. We’ve found that it frequently helps older students to have a tutor before exams as they focus on their workload in a calmer, more structured way.

If you would like to find out more about the types of tuition we can offer over the summer holidays please do email us on enquiries@oc-ec.com or visit oc-ec.com for more information.


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