The summer is here (finally!) and for the last few weeks of term that usually means school trips for everyone. So during this lovely weather we’ve been reminiscing about some of our favourite trips:

Nicole – My favourite school trip was in primary school when we went to the Isle of Wight. It was the first time I had been away from home without my parents so it was filled with mischief and mini adventures! The trip was also pretty significant – I went to my first disco. A Steps tribute band was playing which was amazing!  It was just unfortunate I hadn’t learnt how to dance in public (and with rhythm).

Holly – My favourite school trip was actually the last school trip I ever went on (haha!). It was on Outward Bound to the Lake District. I was 16 and the whole of Year 12 went to Windermere Lake and did all sorts of gruelling challenges for a week including orienteering, rowing, gorge walking, rock climbing, mountain climbing and raft building. The very first task we did was to climb up a telegraph pole (which was on a hillside, naturally) and with two feet on the top, leap off and catch a trapeze. We were all harnessed up but for someone who is absolutely terrified of heights that was, and still is, one of my biggest achievements to date.

Lucy – The only school outings I can remember were countless trips to the Butterfly House at Syon Park (the interest wears off after a couple of years) and my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition: heavy, canvas tents, sausages in tins and constant drizzle. One reads now of students going on sports tours to far-flung places such as South Africa, and even trips to the Galapagos Islands. I definitely feel I missed out.

Rianne – Butlins was the destination for my first end of year trip as a fully fledged secondary school pupil. It was the end of year 7; a scorching, (very Un-British like) hot day, and my friends and I were decked out in what we considered to be the most hip and trendiest clothes. The tedious long journey did not dampen our spirits as we were let loose into the sprawling theme park. We attacked every ride we could and tried our hand at games we were never going to win to take home obscenely large cuddly toys. It was a day full of laughter and cementing friendships (and sadness that I had forgot my swimming costume!

How to survive the school trip this summer:

  • Pack snacks – You will need to eat lots to keep your energy up on the trip and if possible try not to eat just Quavers, Wotsits and Monster Munch.
  • Remember to bring your phone charger – Mum will want to hear from you at least once!
  • Bring clothes for all weather conditions – You don’t want to trash your new trainers or only have shorts if it starts to snow/rail/hail as it frequently does in the UK (yes, even in the summer).
  • Try and sleep – Midnight feasts are fun but sleep is better.

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