So you’ve just got the end of year school report back and all hasn’t gone entirely according to plan. In fact, it hasn’t gone to plan at all and next year it’s the real deal, the GCSE exams. What went wrong?


One of the most common reasons we arrange tuition is because students have simply fallen behind with schoolwork if they don’t understand some of the concepts being taught in class. Once these ideas are developed further and the teacher moves on to the next topic, some students can quickly find that they have fallen behind a great deal. It can be as easy as that.

How can I get my child back on track?

– Get them organised: If they’re organised and a plan of action can be put together, the amount of ground that needs to be covered over the summer won’t be so overwhelming. Hopefully, if they’re organised then they will be motivated…

– Get them motivated: Once you’ve got a plan, how do you make sure they follow through? Sometimes having some independent support from a tutor can really motivate a student to stay on track and make the sessions fun at the same time.

Case study: Anthony, Year 10

Anthony’s mum contacted us recently as he had come home from school upset with his end of year grades. The bad results had came as a surprise to him and definitely to his mum: he had dropped a grade in maths and was aiming for an A. He wasn’t entirely sure what went wrong so we arranged for an initial session with an experienced maths tutor (the majority of the GCSE maths tutors on our books have studied maths at university) to assess his current level and work out where the gaps in his knowledge were.

After the lesson it was clear that Anthony had fallen behind a bit class and hadn’t felt confident enough to bring it up with his teacher at the time. We have therefore put in place a few regular lessons over the summer holidays to give Anthony some structure and to help him catch up before the start of Year 11.

If you would like to find out more about the types of tuition we can offer over the summer holidays please do email us on enquiries@oc-ec.com or visit oc-ec.com


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