To those who say films can’t be both entertaining and educational (you know who you are!) our countdown of the top three current cinematic gems are films that will not only assault your visual senses, but with themes ranging from scientific to philosophical, heading to the cinema this Summer may just prove a great boost for your brain too.

Popcorn at the ready?

Number 3: Minions

What’s it all about? If you watched any of the ‘Despicable Me’ films, then you’ll be quite familiar with the adorable (some may say freaky! ) little and very loyal minions. ‘Minions’ follows Kevin, Stewart and Bob as they set off on a mammoth journey to find a new evil boss for their posse. They stumble into trouble along the way, coming into contact with the world’s first woman super villain, Scarlet Overkill, who plans to take over the world and destroy the minions.

Educational/Entertaining Chops: It’s an entertaining 91 minutes, the minions are a joy to watch and you will develop a new appreciation for the British Royal family. Your brain will be challenged trying to understand just exactly what the minions are saying as they speak only in Spanish.

Go see if… if you want to improve your Spanish language skills.

Number 2: Ant-Man

What’s it all about? Wannabe reformed con-man, Scott Lang, gets the opportunity to embrace his inner-hero and become Ant-Man (basically, he wears a suit which has the ability to shrink in scale and increase in strength). Scott must help scientist, Dr Hank Pym, protect his suit from a new generation of towering threats, and save the world at the same time.

Educational and Entertaining chops: Surprisingly comical with jokes for both children and adults, Ant-Man will keep you entertained from beginning to end with cool special effects and great acting from a likeable cast. Be prepared to put your Science hat on as your knowledge about ants will be significantly enhanced as you get to learn about the different species and see why they are tiny but really cool.

Go see if… If you’ve ever had a secret appreciation for ants.

Number 1: Inside Out

What’s it all about? We all know growing up can be hard and for Riley, a young girl who is uprooted from her comfortable Midwest life to the big and busy city of San Francisco, her emotions (anger, sadness, disgust, fear and joy) get into conflict on how to deal with the big change. This causes major problems up in the head office of the central living working place for the five emotions.

Educational/ Entertaining chops? Inside Out will take you on an emotional roller-coaster, done spectacularly well through an animated world filled with animated, but very human characters. You’ll get to explore what emotions mean through the eyes of Riley on the cusp of adolescence and perhaps learn that the range of emotions we have are not necessarily bad, but a vital part of being human.

Go see if… you’re interested in psychology and want to gain a better understanding of the human psyche.


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