We’re often asked if we can provide tutors who are currently working as qualified school teachers and the short answer is “yes, sometimes, depending on their availability”. We have a small number of teachers on our books however the majority of them are not qualified. Yet, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t experienced enough to help. In fact, the majority of tutors have been passionately helping students for years and after all, as we know, not all teachers are good or indeed inspiring teachers. Here’s a guide to how teaching and tutoring differs:



– Teachers usually teach large numbers of students every lesson.

– Teachers will prepare and teach materials for learners of all abilities at once. During classroom lessons everyone will work on the same topic whilst completing differentiated tasks.

– Teachers have to adapt the pace of their lessons to include everyone: they’re trying not leave anyone behind and at the same time trying to extend tasks for more able learners..


– Tutors teach on a one-to-one (or small group) basis.

– Tutors will prepare and tutor bespoke materials for the student’s ability level to reinforce what’s been taught in the classroom. They will also prepare some extension tasks to encourage and  expand the pupil’s knowledge or go back to basics if that’s what’s needed.

– Tutors can adapt the pace of their lesson and their tutoring style to match the child’s, ensuring that they’ve understood everything and feel on top of their learning. Tutors also have the time to help develop the student’s all round study skills.

So ultimately a tutor is someone who is there to complement classroom teaching and can go over topics that a student has missed, doesn’t understand or wants to explore further. Tutors are familiar with the main examination boards and syllabuses, so they can help students with examination technique and work through past papers in detail. The one-to-one rapport developed through private tuition can really enhance a child’s general learning skills as well as boosting their confidence.

If you are looking for a tutor for your child please give us a call on 020 7584 5355 or send us an an email to enquiries@oc-ec.com to discuss your needs further.


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