Dan from Osborne Cawkwell recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jessie and James from the Alison Lawson Centre UK (ALC-UK), a centre which specialises in helping people overcome a wide range of learning difficulties, in particular visual dyslexia.

Osborne Cawkwell are going to be working with ALC-UK  to ensure parents in London can access new techniques to move their children ahead academically and socially.

In honour of this exciting partnership, ALC-UK will be hosting a free event next Thursday to discuss the cause of symptoms such as poor reading, writing and comprehension skills amongst others, how you can learn to identify the cause in yourself and others, and what you can do about remedying the situation.

If you’re interested in finding out more, reserve your free place today by completing the short reservation form via Eventbrite and we’ll look forward to seeing you there.

If you have any questions in the meantime please call us on 020 7584 5355 or contact ALC on 01935 403260 or www.alc-uk.com



One thought on “Talking Dyslexia with ALC-UK

  1. It’s so interesting to learn about the multiple benefits of this treatment; not only the physiological changes that occur, but the psychological and emotional benefits that stem from these changes. Having worked with visual dyslexics in the past, I only hope they hear of this treatment and can benefit from it. It’s so encouraging to know that this specific type of visual difficulty can be rectified and ‘cured’, rather than just offering another way to ‘cope’ with it. I look forward to learning more…


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