It is an honour to announce that the Dyslexia and eye-correction treatment offered by the Alison Lawson Centre will now be available in London, in Osborne Cawkwell’s very own offices, from the start of August 2016. To date, they were only available in Yeovil, Somerset, meaning that it wasn’t always convenient for clients from around the country to get to the centre.

Grace and I had the pleasure of spending four days training alongside Jo, James and Jessie from ALC-UK, to discover and understand what the eye-correction treatment is about and see how it works in action. The aim is to strengthen, re-focus and re-establish new pathways between the back of the eye and the brain so images and messages are clearer. The course consists of an initial and final assessment around nine eye-strengthening sessions where clients work through (fun) exercises on a lightbox wearing glasses. The follow-up homework is key to the success of the treatment and commitment is essential. Excitingly, Grace and I will be able to run the middle sessions on behalf of ALC here in London.

Though what ALC does is mostly known to help relieve symptoms linked to dyslexia (and other special needs), clients testify that it has helped them with a variety of other skills such as memory, counting, reading, handwriting, organisational skills, visual and spacial awareness and general ‘togetherness’. Grace and I saw really different people taking the course: a 6-year-old inverting numbers and letters, a lady in her mid-thirties who couldn’t read fluently and wanted to feel more confident in helping her children with homework, a man in his fifties who loved history books but struggled with focussing and speed, and got frequent headaches from reading; we also observed a 20-year-old sent by his boss to improve his work organisational, and communicational skills and time management, and finally a 15-year-old boy and his dad doing the course together and getting very competitive by the end of the week! Everyone seemed to say that 4 sessions on, they were already seeing positive effects, sometimes changes even, in they way they could feel, see or understand things.

So all these wonderful changes made me wonder about myself… I had quite a few difficulties during my schooling, particularly with slow reading and never being able to finish an exam. Perhaps it would be a good thing to do ALC’s pre-assessment questionnaire on their website to see what they had to say about ‘my symptoms’. So I did. Well, well, well… the results came back with me “possibly being dyslexic: not so much visually as I don’t have problems with words and spelling, but more with the processing skills/speed side of things”. Jo very kindly ran through ‘my dyslexia symptoms’ with me and it started to make sense; the course *could* be helpful to me. Although this is no grand diagnostic, it is interesting and reassuring to know that there may have been a reason for my years of disliking anything to do with essays and exams; it is no fun having to read a text four times before being able to answer questions, or starting writing essays half-way through the allowed time, struggling to gather concise thoughts and create a logical structured plan (these are things still affecting me as an adult now).

I would not wish anyone to go through what I did (and my dyslexia symptoms are nothing compared with others’!) therefore, if you think you, your child, your student or someone else you know may benefit from eye-strengthening therapy, please do get in touch to find out more! And remember, it’s not age-specific: children, adults and the elderly have seen differences…

Shirley Hesry


2 thoughts on “Dyslexia/Eye correction treatment at the OC office!

  1. Hi Zanna! Thank you for your interest in the new treatment we are offering. We’ve already had the launch but there might be something else on the horizon come September that we could invite you to.

    We also have some information packs that are available for tutors who are interested in talking to their students about the course.

    If you’d like one, please give us a call!

    Best wishes,


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