The headlines for GCSE results released yesterday were dominated by news of a significant decline in GCSE success with the amount of students achieving a C grade and those gaining A* to C grades falling.

The release of the results also marked the start of major changes in how the GCSEs exams will be graded and how school performance is going to be measured. This summer is the first year that Progress 8 takes effect for school accountability, replacing the old system of ranking schools according to the proportion of pupils gaining C grades or higher in five GCSE subjects.

Next year will see a revised set of GCSE exams begin to be graded by a new number system, from 9 down to 1 ( check out our blog post about it here) to phase out the current letter based system that’s been in place since 1988.  With so much educational reform being undertaken to drive up educational standards amid years of continued debate about decreasing standards and exams getting easier; we posed the question,  how well do you think you would you do if you sat your GCSEs today?

Below are 10 GCSE style Maths questions, similar to ones you would find in an actual GCSE Maths paper. Go on, test yourself (without a calculator) to see how you would fare.

A) Write 60p as a fraction £.

B) What is ⅘ of 85

C) X + 19 = 54. What is the value of X?

D) Solve 3x + y= 7

E) Workout 0.8 x 1.3

F) Given that 358 x 26 = 9308, what is 3580 x 260?

G) Matthew changes £19 into American dollars. The exchange rate is £1 to $1.25. How much American dollars will Matthew receive?

H) 2 (y + 5) = 16. What is the value of y?

I) The recommended price of a mini tablet is £90. ‘Tablets Are Cool’ are selling it with 20%  off the recommended price. ‘Awesome Tablets’ are Cool are selling it with a 2/9 discount. the price in Tablet are

Ia) What is the price in ‘Tablets are Cool’?

Ib) What is the price in ‘Awesome Tablets’?

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