Students are going back to school, so they are bound to have a few nervous jitters. It might be the start of secondary school or the start of an exam year. So here are some handy tips to get your kids off to a great start this 2016-17 academic year:

Getting a back to school routine in place

We are all the same, children or adults, when we’re on holiday our daily routines go out the window. After a break students struggle to adjust their sleeping patterns to school mode. Aim to get them in bed 10 minutes earlier and get them up 10 minutes earlier a few days before school starts. This will help their body clocks adjust.

Getting back into a routine can also make children feel more settled and calm any nerves they have about going back to school. Some children, especially if they are starting at a new school may find it useful to go on a dummy school run. If you point out landmarks along the way, talking through the journey it will help them feel comfortable with their surroundings.

Cut them a bit of slack

Facing change of any kind can be very stressful for everybody involved. Try thinking about how you would like to be treated if it were your first day in a new job. Go easy and gentle with them in the run up to the start of school.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

If children know they’re going back to school it won’t be so much of a shock when the first day rolls around. There are lots of things that can make them feel ready for the new school year. Try a few of the following: make a game out of them trying on their new school uniform. Take pictures and label everything! Mention their teachers in conversation and read stories that relate to starting school. By bringing school back into the everyday they will feel prepared.

If we can be of any help during the back to school period please do get in touch. Either by giving us a call on 020 7584 5355 or emailing us at enquiries@octuition.co.uk

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