Today we have the pleasure of being joined by Sarah Cox. Sarah is our dyslexia specialist and special educational needs consultant. She liaises with parents, educational psychologists and other related specialists. Sarah also maintains contact with schools and tutors on SEN-related issues.

Having worked in several London preparatory and primary schools, Sarah has a good understanding of the level of support needed by students with Dyslexia and those on the SEN register. Trained in study skills as well as specific learning difficulties, Sarah provides guidance and support for parents. She also advises tutors on suitable teaching techniques. Sarah works to bridge the gap between the support a student receives in school and the work a tutor does with a student. She also works closely with parents, the school SENCo and Learning Support teams.

With Sarah’s guidance, our tutors can provide excellent continuing support for students beyond the classroom. In particular with organisational skills, exam practice and general study skills. Osborne Cawkwell tutors do not hold teaching qualifications in specific learning difficulties.

For general enquiries on SEN-related issues, please contact Sarah.


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