This year at Osborne Cawkwell we are thinking more about how we can help and support our students, parents and tutors.


As many of our students are currently sitting the 11 Plus, we are thinking about ways this stressful time can be managed for children and parents alike. Here are some of our thoughts:

Keep it in perspective – for you and your child

Remember to keep your sense of perspective when helping your child prepare for the 11 Plus. Reassure them about their future, regardless of the outcome of the tests. If they get a place, fantastic! If they don’t, it isn’t the end of the world and your child firmly needs to know that.


Acknowledge that your child might be nervous and talk through ways of coping with the nerves. Try not to dismiss their feelings, even if you feel the ‘man-up’ approach will help them.

Boost their confidence

Support them by letting them know that their hard work and perseverance has made you proud – and that you will stay proud of them, whether they are offered a place or not.

Have a natter

Just spend time together and talk, not just about school and the exams, but about everything. Your child needs time to relax and enjoy themselves as well as to study. If they are having any worries about the tests they are more likely to open up and chat if they feel comfortable and supported by you. They will also do better in the run up (and in) the exams themselves if they are feeling relaxed.

If you have any other tried and tested ideas please do let us know, we would love to hear them! We are here from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, if you would like any further advice or guidance.


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