How can teachers use mindfulness to help their students with stress? How can we use it to benefit our own lives? And what even is mindfulness?!

We cover all this and more in our latest vlog with Rosalie Dores.

We talk about the following:

00:15 – How Rosalie got into Mindfulness
01:45 – What being mindful means and how it benefits us
03:07 – How to cope with chronic over-thinking
04:58 – How tutors can incorporate mindfulness into their teaching
06:33 – How to start living a more mindful life
09:45 – Jon Kabat-Zinn’s 7 attitudinal foundations
15:16 – Further information about the courses that Rosalie runs

To check out Rosie’s courses, head over to: www.optimalliving.co.uk

For more information, we’ve written the following blogs:

Mindfulness for Parents

7 Attitudinal Foundations of Mindfulness Practice

Finally, to book tuition through us go to http://octuition.co.uk/


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