School, exams and grades can be a very daunting prospect. Additional tutoring can help support and build up a child’s knowledge and confidence. Here are just some of the ways in which we believe tuition can support your child on their way to success at school:

Starting off on the right foot

We believe that tuition at regular intervals, such as an hour a week, can help much more in the long term. If a student is allowed to nurture their studies they will be able to retain more information and build upon it closer to the exams. We recommend avoiding last minute cramming sessions to avert any panic close to the exams.

Tailor-made support

When placing students with tutors we try to find out as much as possible about their needs. This includes specifics about the topics and examination boards they are studying, as well as when and where would be best for a lesson. Usually tutors will come to your home for lessons. However, if your child would prefer to study outside of the home, tutors are more than happy to accommodate. We try to assemble as much information as possible from you in order to match your child to the tutor best suited to their needs.

If your child is struggling with their reading and is showing signs of Dyslexia or any other learning difficulty please do let us know. Sarah is our Dyslexia specialist and special educational needs consultant and is best placed to help with supporting your child’s needs and tuition.

Meeting the needs of the individual

One-to-one tuition offers students a fantastic opportunity that is not always available in schools, especially those in large classes. Having individual tuition enables tutors to quickly gauge when their students are struggling, coasting or excelling in their subject knowledge. From then, tutors will adapt their teaching to suit the needs of their student. Subsequently tutors will be in a great position to support and motivate their students to success.

A reassuring support

Studying can be stressful, especially for those in examination years at school. Tutors working through Osborne Cawkwell are trained to support, motivate and reassure their students through difficult times. Tutors endeavour to provide inspiring, fun lessons which get the most from their students in a friendly and nurturing environment. The wellbeing of our students is paramount. We do everything we can to support your child on their way to success at school.


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